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Glad to meet you as a Canadian artist that enjoys working in a variety of media and painting styles.

I admire excellence, competency and quality of artistic expressions and strive to achieve them. It would be rather presumptuous to say I have, or will ever arrive to those artistic heights, but one must have few lofty goals. I try to live by the motto “If you are going to dream, dream big”

Color and light fascinate me. I am endlessly inspired by them and the effect they have on us. We not only see color we feel color.

This website is a visual journal of my artistic road traveled.

As shocking as it may be to some I only joined Facebook in 2016. At the risk of permanently damaging my hermit tendencies I embraced the online art community. I connected globally with many outstanding artist, joined specialty art groups and learned a lot in the process. 

Please visit me on Facebook. I appreciate your comments on my posts, Thank you.


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1986 Book of Knowledge ipad01with c 139K
2017 Dorain Silver Creamer Oil framed.jp

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